Fast, Safe, and Simple Laser Teeth Whitening in Glasgow

One of the most effective techniques of its kind currently on the market, this gel and laser teeth whitening procedure is fast and effective.
It's won us the industry award for Best Value Teeth Whitening...

If despite your best efforts you've noticed a slight reduction in the whiteness of your gleaming smile, this treatment is the solution.

The technique we use for teeth whitening in Glasgow uses the "ZOOM!" teeth whitening laser - it's completely safe, with absolutely zero tooth enamel erosion or harm to your gums.

This is the treatment you're looking for when you want to:

  • Give yourself a refreshed, gleaming smile
  • Remove stains caused by your diet, by smoking, or other habits
  • Enjoy a fast-acting treatment - which we were the first to pioneer in Scotland
  • Not need to take time out of your schedule - the process is incredibly swift

Your Glasgow Teeth Whitening Appointment

No matter what substance or natural use has caused your tooth enamel to start losing its whiteness, the laser teeth whitening we offer in Glasgow will provide the rejuvenative effect you're looking for. We'll always start with a full, in-depth examination of your teeth, as we want to be able to advise you on the best way to keep your teeth strong and healthy.
Your treatment will happen in two phases:

1) Application of gel

Using specially fitted custom moulds, your expert dental practitioner will apply a Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide gel to your teeth. For most treatments we deliver - performed in your home and designed to be effective over time - this is the end of your treatment. The gradual, that is to say far less noticeable, effect of performing a treatment this way is often highly desirable.

2) Activation via laser

This final - optional - step of this method will require you to be physically present in our clinic so that your dentist can apply a laser to the custom mould, further enhancing the gel's effects. This step does add something to the price of your service, for which reason many of our clients prefer to stick with the gradual improvement effects offered by our in-home Glasgow teeth whitening service.

The first step in the process is often to talk to one of the friendly team in our Glasgow clinic about the teeth whitening you're interested in. They'll be able to advise you as to which would be the better method for you. Most commonly, we'll suggest that the application of the gel alone will be sufficient to return your gleaming white smile to you. During your initial consultation we'll be able to take the necessary measurement so that the moulds will fit your teeth closely and correctly. This is necessary so that the gel remains in close contact with your teeth, which is important for it to work correctly.

This gel, once the moulds have been custom-made, can be applied in your own home, and so is fast and convenient as well as effective. In-home application also offers better cost-effectiveness than choosing to include the final light-activated part of the method in your treatment.

What You Get By Choosing Us

  • Helpful advice to assist you in getting the right treatment
  • Prices that are consistently cost-effective across the board
  • Your initial consultation includes a proper examination of your teeth
  • Rely on a surgery that's been delivering safe services for 20 years
  • A helpful team ready to assist you, and a clinic that's designed to be friendly and welcoming

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