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Very few people are lucky enough to be born with a movie-star smile. But with a little care and gentle treatment, a full, white, and healthy smile is possible for anyone...

St Vincent Smile is the dental surgery Glasgow residents turn to when they need free advice and expertise in cosmetic dentistry treatments. Specialising in all of the techniques involved in perfecting your smile - from award-winning teeth whitening to careful realignment - we'll start off by consulting with you to talk about exactly what you want to achieve. An exacting assessment by one of our friendly and helpful team of dental practitioners ensures that you can always ask any questions that you might have before you commit to anything.

You might need this treatment if you want:

  • To transform your smile into the healthy, gleaming grin that you always dreamed of
  • Deal with any dental health issues which misaligned or crowded teeth might be causing
  • Replace old-style metal fillings with clean, white modern ones
  • Be confident in your smile!

More Details About Cosmetic Surgery For Your Teeth

That's right - this treatment is essentially completely non-invasive cosmetic surgery for your teeth! In our Glasgow dental clinic we'll consult with you about which treatment, or combination of treatments, will restore your smile to the fresh, confident grin you've always wanted.

Beginning with an assessment and examination of the current state of your dental health, we ensure that all the facts are known before you proceed. We can then recommend the most effective treatments for your particular dentition.

The most common problems we treat involve teeth which have become discoloured by diet or smoking, chipped, or generally worn away by use over time. We also offer cosmetic dentistry for you if you've been involved in an accident, and for many other situations too. No matter the cause, we'll be able to find you the solution which will bring your smile back to its best.

Why Make Us Your Oral Surgery in Glasgow?

Local people come to St Vincent Smile because they want to be sure that:

  • They'll be able to speak to a friendly and helpful professional about any treatment they have before they choose it
  • They're paying some of the lowest rates in the local area for expert dental care
  • They get a full assessment of their teeth included in their service
  • Their local surgery has more than 20 years of reliable experience behind it
  • The care they get is provided by welcoming professionals in a safe place

Contact Us Today

Simply give us a call or send us your details online to set up a convenient appointment with a friendly and helpful dentist in your local surgery. You'll have ample opportunities to ask any questions that you might have, and we'll be able to take any measurements needed for specific treatments, offer general advice, and conduct an in-depth examination of your teeth while you're here.

Contact us today on 0141 248 1183, or arrange your appointment online at any time.

Book your free initial consultation today

St.Vincent Smile offers you a personal consultation with one of our highly qualified dentists.
During your consultation will conduct a full examination of your mouth to assess your dental and oral health.
Feel free to prepare any questions you may have for us as we are more than happy to answer them for you.

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