The Safe and Easy Way to Get Invisalign in Glasgow

What is Invisalign? This revolutionary treatment makes teeth realignment in adults a gentle, gradual process. Without it being painful or obvious to everyone you meet...

St Vincent Smile is the most highly rated clinic for Invisalign in Glasgow. The advanced treatment starts with a zero-obligation consultation with an experienced professional - the perfect way to figure out whether these invisible braces are the right treatment for you. Dental misalignment in adults used to be expensive and difficult to correct, but Invisalign is making it far less expensive - and much more discrete than it ever was before.

This treatment is the one you need if you want to:

  • Have a healthy, confident smile
  • Resolve any problems with teeth overcrowding in your mouth
  • Adjust the set of teeth so that they fit together neatly
  • Deal with any pain or discomfort you get from your jaw or the surrounding area
  • Act first to prevent the decay which dental misalignment can cause

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign is a highly effective treatment for adult dental misalignment often called "clear braces" in Glasgow and elsewhere, even though this is in fact a bit of a misnomer. The treatment actually involves custom-made aligners, which are designed to gradually ease your teeth into the correct position over a longer period of time.

They're completely transparent, and thus can't be seen from the outside - dramatically reducing the chance that anyone will know you're undergoing orthodontic treatment, should this be a concern of yours.

It also offers a way to correct misaligned teeth that's only slightly more expensive than other far less effective methods.

To ensure this is the right method for you, we'll only ever go ahead with your treatment after you've had a full professional assessment and consultation with a qualified dental practitioner.

I'm in Glasgow - Is This the Way to Get the Best Deal for Invisalign?

When you're in Glasgow, getting the best deal for Invisalign doesn't need to mean any reduction in quality. By using us you'll get:

  • Some of the best value for money on this treatment you'll find anywhere in the local area
  • Meet with your dental practitioner to discuss all of your budget needs as well as your medical requirements
  • Your appointment will include a full assessment of your teeth, and advice as to whether this really is the best treatment for you
  • More than 20 years of experience as a trusted local dental clinic
  • Friendly, professional care in a welcoming environment
  • As well as these clear braces, in Glasgow we also offer other specialist treatments

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