Get Dental Implants in Glasgow Fitted By the Experts

Don't let tooth loss impact on your confidence - or your winning smile! Pave the way for dentures, or replace a single tooth with safe implants which fuse naturally with the bone around them.

Not everyone is a candidate for a dental implant. For a successful implant to take hold, a candidate must have proper bone density and have a strong immune system.

With the professional care and attention we'll be paying to your teeth, there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. Sometimes though, whether because of accident or age, you'll need dental implants in Glasgow. At St Vincent Smile you'll find that it's easy to get tooth replacements which will see you through long into the future.

This is the right treatment for you when you need:

  • To replace a tooth - without wanting to disturb the teeth around it
  • Fit supports for dentures or a bridge
  • Increase your oral health by preserving tooth structures
  • To have implants which will naturally bond over time
  • How We'll Fit Your Dental Implants in Glasgow

    Your new teeth implants will feel and function just like your normal teeth root structure. The design which we favour is constructed of titanium, and will gradually bond with the surrounding bone over time. This makes this type of implant a great way to beat the bone tissue loss which other methods of tooth replacement often cause.

    First thing's first. You'll meet with one of our experienced dental practitioners so that your teeth can be carefully examined, and you can get any further information that you might like about the procedure. If these replacements are right for you, your dentist will then take measurements so that your implants can be custom-made.

    You can use this treatment for...

    Single Tooth Replacement Implants

    This standalone implant is intended to be the base of a single tooth which needs replacing. The design of implant which we use completely avoids interfering with any of the surrounding teeth. Ideal for minimal impact, and maximum dental health.

    Teeth Implants as the Base for Dentures or a Bridge

    To replace multiple missing teeth, a bridge or dentures are usually required. Tooth implants can form the base of these, with two usually being required for a bridge, and around four for dentures.

    Tooth Implants

    Whether you need denture implants or a single implant to replace a tooth, we'll be using the same advanced design of root structure replacement. Taking the form of a very small prosthetic which completely replaces the root structure, you can best imagine your implants as a tiny foundation for later work to build on.

    The prosthetic is made of titanium, which will bond with the surrounding bone tissue. This allows normal tissue stimulation to occur, which is vital for your ongoing oral health.When it comes to dental implants Glasgow has no greater demand than any other city.

    For more than fifteen years we've been providing the local area with the friendly, professional dental care it needs. So if you have any questions or queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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    • Twenty years of experience delivering safe dentistry services
    • A caring and welcoming environment so you feel at home

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